We don’t sell plug-in solutions. We believe in sustainable solutions

The Confidant Group’s success is built on its expertise to empower managers – expertise built up since 1982. The knowledge and skills acquired by managers is reinforced in the work place by a versatile management system enabling managers to drive the people process from on-boarding the required talents to building an effective unit. Most importantly, the desired outcome requires a culture designed to entrench talent development and performance management.

The What

The Confidant Group offers a customised solution for the CEO who:

  • Intends taking the enterprise to the next level of achievement
  • Has a need to consistently meet targets
  • Is contemplating a major expansion, restructuring or an acquisition initiative

Our success is the result of finding the solution to the great unaddressed issue in business today – executing the business strategy

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The How

It’s a solution which restores the role of the manager which is to convert the effort of their people into performance. The Confidant solution is not to complicate – we simplify. Nor do we distract, we focus. We do not encourage a dependence on consultants – we empower. We satisfy demanding clients by:

  • Applying proven theory and management practices – not fads
  • Providing a doable solution utilising existing resources which produce immediate benefits
  • Focusing at all times on talent and plan aligned performance

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The Commitment

The CONFIDANT Group’s undertaking is to work closely with the client’s leadership to build a management corps of excellence which will provide sustainable growth. Clients are encouraged to demand a return on their investment in management in the form of:

  • Achieving the operational effectiveness levels required by the plan
  • The development and retention of identified high potential talent
  • Executives who are able to build business units which achieve “driver of ambitious strategy status”

Our commitment to you

The Value

Execution of business strategy is the great unaddressed issue in business today & the absence of it is the single biggest obstacle to success! We educate & empower your company’s managers to address the challenge of executing your strategy

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