Executing the business plan

According to the literature, execution of the plan remains a challenge for business leaders.

Why is this? After all, the concepts of involvement, communication and gaining commitment are well understood.

Perhaps that’s the explanation: it’s only human to assume that because we have involved key players, communicated our goals and prepared the scorecards that execution will follow. Yet this is certainly not the case.

Planning is about intentions. Execution is about talent.

These are two separate issues, and unless management has a clear strategy to deliver, it is wishful thinking to assume that the carefully crafted plan will be executed.

Delivering the plan is the number 1 challenge – and people expect it to be a major undertaking. In fact I do not think it is! As long as we accept that:
• Planning and execution are not the same thing
• Execution is about having the right talent in the right places
• Only about 15% of the management roles drive delivery. These are the positions where if the KPAs are achieved, the plan is delivered.

So we are not talking about the CEO running around to ensure that every role is occupied by the right talent (although that is the ultimate goal for the management team).

But to meet the immediate challenge of delivery, the focus must be on that 15% – everything possible must be done to ensure that the right talent is in place in these roles.

THEN the CEO needs to drive the Capacity Grid approach through the rest of the organisation. You are welcome to contact us and let us assist you in guiding you through this solution.

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