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If you have a strong track record in management and leadership, the confidence to enable organisations to execute strategy, and the desire to own and operate a seven-figure consultancy, we are offering selected high-powered individuals the opportunity to become part of our team of associates in sub-Saharan Africa. Our 10-day on-boarding programme will equip you with the knowledge and consulting skills to develop a highly successful, independent practice. Contact to find out more. No CVs required at this stage.


The CONFIDANT Group associate is a management and organisation development professional. The primary objective of the Associate is to build relationships at executive level and promote The CONFIDANT Group solution to the challenge of executing the business plan.

The solution entails empowering the client’s managers to build the capacity necessary to achieve sustainable growth.

The Associate’s consulting and training vehicle is the Predictive Index system and methodology developed by Arnold Daniels in 1955 and which is currently, in 2014, used by over 8000 clients in more than 140 countries.

In the course of interacting with clients the Associate will draw on Predictive Index based expertise. The PI provides the “How” to proven management theories and practices.
This broader framework of management theory and proven practices include:

  • The concept of “talent” and how it facilitates effective management as researched by the Gallup Organisation and discussed in “First Break All The Rules” by Buckingham and Coffman
  • Peter Drucker’s management guidelines which include:
    • “Good organisation structures do not just evolve – they are developed”
    • “The manager is the dynamic of the organization”
    • “Management is the ability to convert the effort of people into performance”
    • “Management by objectives”
  • Richard Beckhard’s definition of organisation development:
    • “Organization development is an effort (1) planned, (2) organization-wide, and (3) managed from the top, to (4) increase organization effectiveness and health through (5) planned interventions in the organization’s “processes,” using behavioural-science knowledge.”
  • The proven value of a culture that reinforces the emphasis on talent development and retention, and performance management as applied by General Electric and succinctly described in Chapter 11 of “Jack”, written by Jack Welch.
  • The essential skill of “developing measureable outputs required at enterprise, unit and individual level” which managers and consultants need to master.


Becoming an Associate of The CONFIDANT Group presents a unique career opportunity. It offers the independence and challenge of building and growing a consulting practice. It confers the status of a professional equipped with the knowledge, competence and methodology to build relationships at executive level and provide solutions which impact on the well-being of the entire enterprise.

Successful Associates share the reputation achieved by their clients many of who are, or become, acknowledged leaders in their field.

Success cannot be taken for granted. It requires a genuine interest in management practices and the optimization of talent. It necessitates the development and execution of strategies to create and maintain a revenue generating client base.

Associates need to acquire the professionalism and skills to empower the managers of their clients so that they ensure sustainable benefits for their organisations.

The relationship with The CONFIDANT Group favours those Associates who have attributes associated with entrepreneurship. They are: The ambition for personal success – the need to be the best. The need for challenges every day, challenges which demand innovative solutions. And it requires the capacity for the effort necessary to satisfy these entrepreneurial needs.

It is a relationship in which The CONFIDANT Group will provide the vehicle and support for those Associates who are achievement centered.

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