Executing the business plan

A strategy to consistently execute the plan acknowledges:

  • the plan is about intentions and execution is about talent
  • the manager, at both the leadership (strategic) and operational levels is pivotal to success

Feasibility Criteria

To succeed a strategy must be practical, capable of being implemented by the managers of the enterprise – it must be doable. It becomes doable when it:

  • yields immediate plan aligned benefits
  • at all times addresses the plan and talent
  • consistently improves the talent available – talent required ratio
  • lays a foundation for sustained improvement
  • does not distract managers but focuses them on talent and performance

Indicators of Success

  • Each role has a talent specification based on measureable outputs derived from the plan
  • The talent available to the talent required ratio is a known factor, and action plans to improve the ratio, if required, are in place
  • That operations management can confirm that performance targets will be achieved, or that “crises management” will prevail until capacity improvement plans have been implemented
  • The leadership management is able to confirm that their area of responsibility has achieved driver of strategy status, or to caution that the capacity is insufficient to deliver
  • Mechanisms are in place to:
    • integrate the strategy, operations and people processes
    • reward performance management and talent development achievements