The purpose and importance of the manager

What do you do when there’s an idea, or more accurately an insight, gnawing away inside your head as a result of years of exposure to efforts by you and your clients to develop more effective organisations? Especially when it is so fundamental that credibility is at stake?

Then again, I believe that the importance of something depends on the importance it is accorded.
Is there any significance in the fact that designations imply that discipline expertise is more important than management expertise? Why use the designation Production Manager rather than Manager (Production)?

Many will see this as splitting hairs. Maybe.

It is a fact however that managers have been disempowered with hiring, performance appraisal and workforce morale functions being shifted to staff departments. These changes have obviously had a negative impact on the perception of the manager’s role and its importance.

The reason for juggling these responsibilities is probably that managers were ill-equipped to do their job in the first place. More important however, is the resultant responsibility gap and its impact on company performance. Who carries the can? The manager has been absolved and the staff department, by definition, lacks authority.

The gnawing insight referred to earlier is that we have lost sight of the purpose of the role and importance of the manager.

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